Beginner Piano Lessons for Children

Children as young as 3-5 years old can begin Suzuki Piano Lessons, provided they can sit and follow instuctions from the teacher and parent. Older children can also begin Suzuki Piano as well, and all beginners are recommended to take advantage of the Suzuki Method for best results. 

Transfer Students

Suzuki students transferring from another Suzuki teacher at any level are accepted.

Traditional students from intermediate to advanced levels are also accepted. 


Both beginning and transfer students accepted, also adults who are relearning. 

Voice Lessons

Beginning to intemediate voice lessons are available. 


Studio is 15 minutes from downtown Columbus, located 2 miles off I-270 in suburban Grove City, Ohio.


Lessons available via Skype or FaceTime 


Tuition is currently $110/month for weekly half-hour lessons, $165/month for weekly 45 minute lessons, and $220/month for weekly one hour lessons. Tuition is due by the first lesson of the month. Vacation weeks are calculated into the tuition and are not reflected in the monthly payment, which is the same regardless of whether there are 2, 3, 4, or 5 lessons in a single month.  

Lessons are weekly with these exceptions: 

two weeks for Christmas Break

one week for Spring Break

The last two weeks in June and the first two weeks in July

One week for Thanksgiving

There is a $35 annual studio fee due by the first lesson in June. This is to help cover studio expenses and additional teacher education. Your teacher’s certification ensures a quality experience. 

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